Meet Our Founder

Photo by Neoash

Stephanie “BettiePageGames” Owens has been involved in online gaming communities for over 10 years. She has created and managed several gaming communities including the WiiGA, The IWGC, BAGS, Red Shirt Raiders and now Bettie’s Bombers; she is an Xbox Ambassador; has hosted gaming tournaments and written many articles about the video game industry. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Uniformed Gaming, a NC NPO that provides services to the first responder and military  communities.

Stephanie was a Police Dispatcher, EMT and an EMT Instructor for many years, serving local communities in Highlands, Leonardo and Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

She holds certifications in several areas of Veteran service related issues such as PTSD, Suicide in the Military, Veterans Affairs and Military Culture. She has worked and volunteered for two military non-profit’s in the gaming space and created a crisis intervention program that is currently being studied by the CDC. It is because of the program she created that she has dedicated herself to helping not only veterans but also first responders, realize the mental wellness benefits that video games have to offer.

Stephanie enjoys playing Assassin’s Creed, The Division 1 & 2, Tetris, Hexic and Pure Hold ‘Em. She prefers Consoles to PC and plays on PS4, Xbox One and occasionally the Nintendo Switch if she can pry it from her son’s hands!

Meet Our Team

Brittany Douville, Finance Committee

Brittany is a graduate of Sam Houston State University in Texas and holds a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in general business administration. She has worked for the past 8 years in finance and banking and is a supporter of veterans and first responders.

Mark Shivler, Internal Affairs Committee Chair

Mark is a Veteran of the US Air Force. Mark works as a Project Manager for an architectural firm in Ohio and is a long time advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. He also manages our Mixer Stream Team.

Scott Vanderburg, Governance Committee Chair

Scott Vanderburg is a Co-Founder of Real Nerds Real Talk and is a US Army Veteran, former volunteer firefighter and volunteer EMT. He is a suicide prevention advocate and also manages our Twitch Stream Team.