BBN Sponsor Announcement: The Kilroy Travel Group

Bettie’s Bombers is pleased to announce a new benefit for its community members and network partners.

We have partnered with Dream Vacations – The Kilroy Travel Group to arrange discounted rates for travel to select gaming conventions.

Discounted rates on combined airfare and hotels are now available for

  • PAX West 2019
  • TwitchCon 2019
  • PAX South 2020
  • PAX East 2020
  • E3 2020

We will need to meet certain minimum occupancy requirements. More people = even better rates on rooms and other potential travel discounts like airfare and car rentals.

If you are a military service member, EMS, Fire or Law Enforcement (active or retired) and like to game there is no better time like the present to join our Discord community!

Join Now!

Keep your eyes peeled for even more announcements like this for our members in the future.

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