Betties Bombers Appoints New Finance Committee Member

Aberdeen, NJ (16 May 2019) – Betties Bombers is pleased to announce the appointment of Brittany Douville to the Finance Committee for the Betties Bombers Board of Directors. Brittany Douville is a graduate of Sam Houston State University in Texas and holds a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in general business administration. She has worked for the past 8 years in finance and banking and will most certainly be an asset to the organization. Brittany will serve a three year term as a committee member with the potential to ascend to a higher position in the future.

Brittany Douville

“I am pleased to welcome Brittany as our newest Board member,” said Stephanie Owens, CEO/President of Betties Bombers. “Brittany brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of finance and will be a tremendous asset to our organization as we further our mission of improving mental wellness with gaming for First Responders and Veterans.”

Betties Bombers Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from the medical, military, first responder, business and volunteer communities. It is the Board’s responsibility to provide counsel and guidance in the direction and operation of the organization as well as it is to raise awareness of the organizations services to the gaming community.

The organization is continuing its search for additional board members. Additional information as well as instructions on how to apply can be found here

Betties Bombers is a peer-to-peer network supporting First Responders and military service members, advocating positive mental wellness, socialization and suicide prevention through video gaming.