Black Friday Sales to Support Gaming for Mental Health

Visit our Merch stores for holiday savings on all of our branded items and support veteran and first responder mental health. Hurry, these discounts are only Available for a limited time!

The holidays are upon us and we are having a huge sale on all of our Merch sold through our Ethos and Stream Elements stores!

black friday sale graphic

Twitch Subscribers can now enjoy the following discounts with their subscription to our Twitch channel

  • Tier 1 Subscribers get 15% off
  • Tier 2 Subscribers get 25% off
  • Tier 3 Subscribers get 50% off

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PLUS enjoy FREE Shipping on purchases over $50 through 11/29/2021

Shop our SE store at

*Free shipping only through 11/29 in our Stream Elements store. Sub discounts continue as long as you are a subscriber and are exclusive to our Stream Elements storefront.

It’s here and only happens twice a year! Take 15% off your Betties Bombers order today through Monday 11/29. Everything in our Ethos Threads store is eligible so go get your swag on!

Visit and use code 2021CYBER15 to get your discount.

All proceeds from these sales go towards the funding of our programs, a portion of which may also be tax deductible to you. Please check with your tax preparer for more information.

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