Betties Bombers Partner Announcement: PsychArmor Institute

In September we announced our Veteran Readiness Certification that we received from PsychArmor. Today we are pleased to announce our partnership.

In our efforts to provide best-in-class wellness resources to our community, we at Betties Bombers are proud to partner with PsychArmor Institute. Through our Community Portal, you will be able to access engaging courses on suicide prevention, post-vention and intervention, as well as important resources for mental health.

Betties Bombers supports the mission of PsychArmor Institute to provide these tools as a part of our overall mission to educate and inform the first responder and veteran gaming community about mental health.

We have curated a list of courses on topics such as,

  • Barriers to Treatment
  • Columbia Scale for Caregivers and Spouses
  • Columbia Scale for Communities
  • Columbia Scale for Healthcare Providers
  • Columbia Scale for Military and Veterans
  • Finding Stability After Suicide Loss
  • Grief and Trauma
  • Helping Others Hold On
  • Postvention: Healing After Suicide
  • S.A.V.E

We are excited to share these courses with you. To register, click here:

Our goal is to improve mental wellness within the gaming community by providing resources and a positive social outlet geared towards the First Responder and Veteran.

Join us in our campaign to educate and empower individuals, change the conversation and decrease stigma. #BOMBTHESTIGMA

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