PsychArmor certifies Betties Bombers as Veteran Ready

Our Partnership brings additional resources for Veterans and aids us in our mission to educate the public about suicide prevention in the military and First responder community.

Nonprofit organizations that serve Veterans nation-wide have been utilizing PsychArmor’s educational platform to ensure their staff and volunteers are better prepared to interact with the Military-Veteran Community.

In recognition of our efforts, we are pleased to announce that PsychArmor  has certified Betties Bombers as a Veteran Ready Nonprofit Organization. This certification allows organizations like ours to showcase our commitment to more effectively engage with Veterans, service members and their families.

PsychArmor Institute is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit providing free education and support to all Americans who work, live, or care for military veterans and their families. PsychArmor recruits nationally recognized subject matter experts to create and deliver online courses on issues related to veterans and their families. In addition, their “Helping You Help Veterans” support line provides continual assistance and vetted resources to civilians, ensuring they are armed with the tools needed to effectively assist military veterans and their families.

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