Support Our Mission

Support Our Mission

I am often asked why I do what I do for the first responder community. Its because of times like this, when we give our all, that we have a place to turn once the adrenaline stops pumping and reality sets in.

Stephanie Owens, Founder of Gaming for Mental Health

Checks, Money Orders and In-kind donations may be sent to:

Betties Bombers
1601 State Route 35 #33
Middletown, NJ 07748

We accept physical and digital gift cards for Steam, Xbox Live, Xbox Gold, Xbox Ultimate, PlayStation Plus, Microsoft Store, and PlayStation Store. We also accept digital game codes. Digital donations may be emailed to


“As one of my earliest stream supporters, we at #HFG are proud of the work Bettie and team do for our former and active military members! Get involved here!” ~ Jeff, Half Fast Gaming

Steph gave me purpose and it helped me get through my time in and the transition out. It’s an awesome organization that I am proud to be part of!” ~ NovaRift”

“Just knowing that there are people out there who care about us and who want to help is honestly an even bigger blessing. After receiving your gift, I went to your organization’s website and I was a little blown away. You decided to help my family and I, knowing very little about me other than the fact that I am a Veteran.” ~ Satisfied Client

“There aren’t words to describe the pain that you helped ease for my friends…his wife will be out of the icu tomorrow…they managed to be able to keep the baby in her so far, though she is not out of the woods…she has healthy rested support close by thanks to you recommending fisher house. they even gave him 100 dollars to eat!” – SDK