Announcement: Betties Bombers is a Twitch Affiliate and Mixer Verified Partner

We are pleased to announce that our livestream channels on Twitch and Mixer are now partnered!

This means that on Twitch you will be able to support us by subscribing to our channel as well as Cheering with Bits. Subscribing and cheering provides us with a revenue share that we use to support our mission. You can even use your free Twitch Prime subscription benefit at no additional cost to you.

On Mixer, once the updates to the service have been enabled we will be able to participate in their Embers program as well as receive a share from channel subscriptions.

Check out our channels below and hit that follow/subscribe button to get notified when we are live!



UPDATE: 11/12/2019 – Our Mixer channel has been approved to participate in the Embers program! For Mixer Partners, Embers provide new monetization opportunities by enabling a more direct form of patronage. To purchase Embers, just click the “Get Embers” button on the top of or hit the “Ember +” button in the Skill Tray on the Mixer mobile app or Xbox One app.