A Note from the CEO – Wrapping Up 2019

As we close out 2019, we reflect on the work we have done since we incorporated in April and the work we have yet to do going into 2020.

Our hope is that you continue this journey with us and continue to support us moving forward because we can’t do it without you!

Forged New Long Term Partnerships

Our efforts to lead the way and eliminate stigma among uniformed service members have only just begun! With PsychArmor’s Veteran Ready Certification we have established ourselves to be committed to more effectively engage with Veterans, active service members and their families.

We partnered with two of the leading online mental health resources, PsychArmor and Psych Hub, to provide free, engaging, best-in-class mental health education to our first responder and veteran community as well as establish a place where people can learn about various topics on mental health and take courses about suicide prevention.

We partnered with Twitch and Mixer so that we could expand our network and work on providing valuable programming to educate about stigma and mental wellness, as well as spread awareness about our organization. Look for an expansion on that front beginning in 2020.

Provided Resources and Assistance

In addition to the resources we have listed on our web site, we also provided peer support services via our Discord server and a social outlet for our community to come together and support one another. We hosted community game nights where people came together to have fun, relax and make new friends.

Then there is the one-on-one support that we gave to those who needed a more hands on approach by providing resources that people in need can use for long term solutions and not band-aid fixes.

We will continue to work hard to create new and innovative programs to meet the unique needs of the veteran and first responder communities in 2020. We have some pretty exciting things on the horizon!

Building Community and Making Connections

“If you build it they will come” – Field of Dreams

Between Discord, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, LinkedIn and Twitter, Betties Bombers has grown into a community of more than 5,000 followers and members with a reach of over 80,000 across all of our channels. We could not be more grateful for all the support that we have received this past year. We are just getting started!

We took the GLHF [Good Luck, Have Fun] Pledge to make a difference as a positive and inclusive citizen in our gaming spaces.

The GLHF is a promise to…

  • Be a good sport whether we win or lose
  • Know that people online are real people and our words have real impact
  • Set a positive example with our behavior
  • Speak up against discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and abuse
  • Show integrity by honoring the rules, our opponents, and our teammates
  • Stop, listen, and reassess if we’re told that our words or actions are harmful
  • Respect others, even if their sincere opinions are different from our own

We go out of our way to make sure that our community provides a judgement free zone for our members so that they feel comfortable talking about their mental health issues. Its one of many ways that we can be a positive force and end stigma.

Looking Forward
Minecraft rendering.

We will be launching our kick-starter to fund our respite center in 2020. If you have been following along on the progress, we’ve gone from a drawing on a piece of notebook paper to a Minecraft build so you can visualize what it might look like. Soon we will be consulting with an Architect and a Civil Engineer to bring it to life!

We hope that you will follow us on our journey to bring mental wellness through gaming to uniformed service members all around the United States.

We will be creating more partnerships, hiring active board members and volunteers, and helping more people than we did in 2019!

Please consider a donation and support us so that we can continue to provide these critical crisis services to first responders and veterans in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you.

Thank you!